WATCH: Time-Lapse Video Shows Horrific Tornado Tearing Through Oklahoma

If you’ve heard any of the reports on the devastating tornado that wreaked havoc on rural Oklahoma Monday afternoon, you’re likely well aware of just how massive the twister was in both size and length.

After touching down at 2:56 p.m. CDT, the tornado stayed on the ground for approximately 40 minutes, ripping through a 20-mile path. Some estimates have the twister at nearly 2 miles wide during its peak.

In other words: Horrific.

KFOR-TV covered much of the storm from an aerial perspective, hovering in a helicopter miles away from the twister. A time-lapse of that footage reveals the gargantuan nature of the storm, long before we saw heartbreaking images of flattened homes and people being pulled from rubble.

After just a few seconds of the time-lapse, one might think, “It’s near-done, right? Seems like it’s been a while.” But no. It… keeps… going.

Watch the video below, via KFOR-TV, and consider donating to a variety of relief charities listed here:

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