WATCH: Transformer Explodes Dangerously Close to Fox Business Reporter During Live Shot

Fox Business reporter Jeff Flock was reporting for Fox & Friends from Carolina Beach, NC earlier on Friday when transformers kept exploding perilously close to him and his camera crew.

“Whoa, you just saw that flash maybe of another transformer,” he said, continuing to report on the dangerous hurricane. “I’ll tell you, that’s the scary part.”

Struggling to stand in the heavy winds and rain, Flock kept reporting on how the conditions in North Carolina could last for a while.

That’s when the sky lit up again.

“That’s another one,” Flock said as he continued to be battered by the storm.

He added: “That’s one’s fairly close.”

Flock was not the only correspondent braving the extremes to report on the deadly storm battering the North Carolina coast.

Steve Harrigan could also barely stand during his report from North Carolina.

“This is very much a wind event still, and the winds are gusting about as strong as we’ve heard them from the beginning.” Harrigan told Shephard Smith on Friday while the wind whipped around him.

Watch above, via Fox News

[image via screengrab]

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