Watch: Trevor Noah Tells Barack Obama The Reason Why He’s Just Like Kanye West and Donald Trump


During a teaser for his Tuesday night interview with Barack Obama, Trevor Noah pressed the former president about the one thing everyone he’s roasted has in common: They’ve all eventually run for president.

Noah could not help but notice that both President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 campaign and Kanye West’s less effective run for office became realities after Obama poked fun at them.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you have an ability to inspire people to run for the highest office in the land with some of the jokes that you tell about them, ” The Daily Show host pointed out after asking Obama if he’ll be more careful in the future.

The former president agreed that he should start roasting people he actually respects, joking that he should start making fun of Noah more.

“Although you weren’t born here,” Obama pointed out, later joking, “But look, I was able to get away with it apparently. Who knows?”

Noah pointed out that Obama no longer has the influence he did while in office, slipping in that the two now hold a similar degree of power.

“Now in many ways, you are like me, in that you see that thing on the TV and you get angry or sad but you cannot really do anything about it,” he said. “And so I wonder, as former president Barack Obama, have you transitioned to that completely, or do you find different ways to fix the problems that you see in the world?”

Perhaps committed to roasting people he admires, the former president could not help but note that he is “nothing like” the late-night host.

“I still have a lot more influence and clout, so let’s just be clear — come on man,” Obama quipped with a smile. “Let’s just try to keep things in perspective here.”

On a more serious note, the former president admitted that he did not have any withdrawals after losing a large chunk of his power.

“Michelle and I, that’s something we share — we feel good about the work we did. We don’t feel anxiety about not being the center of attention,” Obama said. “We get frustrated like I think citizens around the world and here in the country do when we see something unjust and unfair. Yes, the goal, I think, for us is to find new ways to have that same impact, understanding that we’ll never have the exact same impact as you have in the Oval Office.”

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