WATCH: Trump Mistakenly Calls Fire-Ravaged California Town ‘Pleasure’

During his visit to California on Saturday, President Donald Trump referred to a fire-ravaged California town as “Pleasure.”

CBS News tweeted out the clip Sunday night.

Trump started out by saying that those watching from the East Coast really don’t see the “gravity” of the wildfires at all.

“And what we saw at Pleasure,” Trump continued on, actually referring to Paradise.

“What a name right now,” he added.

Trump then called Paradise ‘Pleasure’ again while talking to the press.

“We just left Pleasure,” he said before those around him corrected him.

Finally, getting the name right, Trump said what he saw at Paradise was not acceptable.

It was not his only stumble of the day.

Also while in California, Trump suggested raking the forest floors would help prevent wildfires, something he claimed he learned from the President of Finland. The President of Finland denies he talked to Trump about raking forest floors at all.

On the day of Trump’s visit, the death toll from the fires continued to climb to 76 after 4 bodies were found in Paradise and another body found in Concow. In addition, as of Sunday, nearly 1300 people still remain unaccounted for in the deadly wildfires that have destroyed nearly 150,000 acres and have left many without homes.

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