WATCH: Trump Supporter Insists Obama Probably Sent Bomb to Himself to Bring People to His Side


Well, this one is a real headscratcher.

During a Trump rally in North Carolina, NBC News’ Ali Vitali caught up with a Trump supporter who had a rather novel theory about how the mail bombs got to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

According to Arvil Runyon, who braved standing out in the bad weather to attend the rally, Obama probably sent the bomb to himself.

“Barack Obama probably sent his to hisself,” Runyon said, before noting Clinton was in on the plot too. “Hillary Clinton probably sent hers to herself.”

He then said he doesn’t think Trump supporting mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayov did the crime or at least not on his own volition.

“They probably had it done,” Runyon proposed. Then, he suggested Sayov might have done it if they paid him.

The Trump supporter then claimed the upside of sending and or having bombs sent to you would be that it would bring people to your side and against Trump.

He did not explain during the clip if he thought the other bomb targets — all of which thankfully were unharmed by the mailed pipe bombs — were in on his alleged plot to get people to turn on Trump.

Watch above, via Twitter

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