WATCH: Trump Surrogate Clashes With Ex-Comey Aide Over IG Report, ‘Swamp Rats’ Strzok and Page


The Justice Department Inspector General just released his report on James Comey, and the media is already looking at a new round of explosive arguments and contentious debate over the former FBI director’s actions.

While the report apparently found that Comey was not motivated by political bias, he and several of his colleagues were faulted for breaking with FBI protocol and causing the bureau’s integrity and their investigation into Hillary Clinton to be called into question. With so much to unpack, CNN had former Comey special assistant Josh Campbell on today to discuss this with former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes.

As you might expect, they really mixed it up.

Campbell welcomed the report by saying it shows there wasn’t any significant degree of corruption or criminal activity going on within the bureau, despite the claims from Trumpworld. Cortes countered by pointing out the newly-discovered texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, calling it proof of “absolute bias and corruption.”

Cortes continued to steamroll the couple for their supposed plot to stop Trump from winning the White House.

“What kind of a swamp rat says something like that and who do these people think we are?” Cortes asked. “Those of us on Team Trump have been maligned for months that we’re paranoid…when we talk about the swamp and these tactics. Now we see it in actual writing in this report that the swamp was doing everything possible to try to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.”

Campbell eventually said the Strzok-Page texts were “abhorrent” and damaged the FBI’s reputation, but he also argued that the FBI’s internal checks would’ve prevented the couple from compromising the agency with criminal conduct.

Watch above, via CNN.

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