WATCH: Tucker Carlson Original ‘Illegal Invasion’ Suggests Texans ‘Have No Option’ But Carry Guns to Protect Themselves


The latest episode of Tucker Carlson’s original docuseries, titled The Illegal Invasion, is suggesting that Texans are forced to carry guns in order to protect themselves.

A trailer for the episode, which Carlson aired on his show Wednesday night, shows the Fox News host speaking with terrified residents of Uvalde, Texas, who claim that they have been carrying firearms everywhere they go since President Joe Biden took office.

“Joe Biden took office in January 2021. One of the first things he did was deliberately provoke what may be the largest surge in illegal immigration in American history,” Tucker claimed. “Foreign nationals from around the world — from Congo to Haiti to Honduras to Guatemala and El Salvador, to the Middle East — All heard Joe Biden’s call.”

The trailer went on to show clips of immigrants from Ghana standing in a line wearing masks, and others from Latin America sitting on the ground with their arms raised or behind their heads.

The clips were presumably used to show viewers how terrifying illegal immigrants are.

The trailer later showed Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin claiming that the city has become “the wild, wild West” since Biden’s presidency, Carlson pointing to “the mass arrival of foreign nationals into this small Texas town.”

“I carry a firearm 24 hours a day out here all the time,” said Uvalde resident Weston Robertson. “Even my mother who is elderly will not even leave the house, go outside the water flowers, without her personally carrying a firearm.”

McLaughlin later claimed that all residents feel the need to carry a shotgun or pistol when they leave the house, adding that it “shouldn’t be that way.”

“But it is that way,” Carlson insists in the trailer. “Uvalde residents watch helplessly as Central Americans, Haitians, even people from Africa, cross their fields, break into their sheds, and camp on their land.”

The trailer goes on to show Robertson pointing to an empty bag of chips to prove that someone has been on his property — begging the question — is Carlson implying that littering is a crime bad enough to get shot over?

“Americans living in Uvalde have no option but to defend themselves,” Carlson claimed as a clip of a gun holster aired on the screen.

Another Uvalde resident later alleged that four men ran directly at her house and tried to break in.

“We just don’t have as many rights as even the illegals do,” the resident maintained. “I will defend my house if I have to.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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