WATCH: Two Seemingly Drunk Co-Eds Crash Live Report, Ask ‘Where’s The Weed?’

Sure, we all did some seriously strange stuff in college. Especially when alcohol and sports are involved.

But most of us have never crashed a live TV report, right?

Last Friday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex., CBS reporter Jeff Jamison tried to report on hometown Texas A&M’s chances in that evening’s AT&T Cotton Bowl game before getting interrupted by a pair of seemingly inebriated co-eds who just wanted to talk about how much they love “Johnny Football,” a.k.a. Aggies’ quarterback Johnny Manziel.

The pair mugged for the camera and raved about how they “know” Manziel, all while Jamison handled their drunkenness with coolness and aplomb.

“These are high-minded fans, for sure,” he joked, as one of the girls stumbled her way through explaining why Manziel is a great quarterback.

When the other girl asked multiple times, “Where’s the weed?” her friend tried to shush her, but Jamison couldn’t resist letting out an “Oh my!” while the in-studio reporters audibly gasped.

After some more mugging for the camera while Jamison tried to segue into SEC talk, the girls departed with some handshakes, and the correspondent quipped: “I think that was perfectly fine. I think they’re in their right mind. Nothing wrong with that at all.”

Watch below, via CBS Dallas-Fort Worth:

[h/t Daily News]

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