WATCH: Ugly Shoving-Match Between Pro Boxing Trainers; Anti-Gay Slurs and Parkinson’s Mockery Abounds

Tensions have most certainly boiled over in advance of this weekend’s Pay-Per-View boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios. Tuesday afternoon at a warmup facility in Macau, the two boxers’ training staff got into a heated shoving match that included all kinds of profanity.

Backstory: Alex Ariza once worked for Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach. After a series of incidents, Roach fired Ariza who then went and worked for rival Rios and his trainer Robert Garcia. Now that Rios and Pacquiao face off in a big event, it’s unsurprising that the bad blood has come to a hilt.

The argument began when Roach entered the gym when his boxer’s session was scheduled to begin, but Rios was running a few minutes late to end his scheduled workout. When Roach demanded the other team leave, a verbal spat ensued, ending with Ariza kicking Roach and security restraining everyone involved.

Some of the especially ugly details of this fight:

Roach apparently invoked the word “Mexican,” leading to another Rios staffer throwing a few punches. At another point, Ariza tells his former boss he’s a “piece of shit” and warns him “this just got personal.”

Throughout the whole debacle, Garcia was also pretty aggressive, calling Roach a “faggot,” a “bitch,” and then mocking and mimicking his stutter.

Roach has Parkinson’s disease.

Watch the VERY NSFW video below, via The Rappler:

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