WATCH: Weatherman Has Hilarious Freakout over Bug Attack on Live TV

PicMonkey Collage - Bug attackTV reporters are under a lot of pressure when doing live shots. They’ve got to set things up right, they have to make sure everything’s coming in clear…. and then they have to make sure to not completely freak out when the unexpected literally flies in their face.

Brad Willis, a Fox 5 reporter in San Diego, was doing a report on the local weather on Friday when something happened that made him lose all sense of composure. Either a very small drone or Mothra came up to him, and caused him to start screaming and trying to swat it with his papers.

After his meltdown, Willis realized his reaction was caught on camera, and he sheepishly tried to explain the situation away. His colleagues, however, had some fun editing the footage, giggling at Willis’ spectacular gaffe and presumably shattered man-cred.

Its way better to watch the hilarity though, which you can do here, via KSWB:

[h/t TheWrap]
[image via screengrab]

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