Wayne Newton Has Harsh Words For ‘Lone Fruitcake’ Vegas Shooter: ‘There’s a Seat Waiting For Him in Hell’


Fox & Friends interviewed singer Wayne Newton Wednesday morning over the shooting that ravaged his city on Sunday night, and the Las Vegas legend did not pull punches.

“As the investigations go on, we find out more and more,” Newton said in a somber tone. “But the one thing that still angers me is that no one can give a reason why this fruitcake did that.”

Newton said he initially had fears the shooting would come to define Las Vegas, but “having thought it through,” he determined that he doesn’t believe it will.

“I know Las Vegas will recover from it,” Newton said. “We have survived other things in this town.”

“What happened Sunday night…nobody could even assume something like that could ever have happened. For that lone fruitcake to define what Las Vegas is, I don’t think will happen.”

“I think, by committing suicide, he might have in his own mind escaped earth justice, and the justice of the people,” Newton continued. “But I know that there’s a seat waiting for him in hell. So he’ll suffer from a long time.”

Newton concluded that Las Vegas performers need to use their talents to “help the town, our community, to help those that have been injured to heal.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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