We Are Posting This Totally Because Of The Fish



This is Good Morning America‘s Chris Cuomo, on a fishing excursion in Montauk this weekend. He is holding a giant fish. That he totally caught. And, update: this post has been corrected from an earlier version which stated he didn’t catch it, because there were actually TWO giant fish, and two photos of Cuomo accordingly. The REALLY giant fish Cuomo didn’t catch, and that one is below. The only sort of giant fish is above, and Cuomo actually caught that, and then released it back into the wild, as we are assured he did with all his fish. (The one on the dock below apparently died before they could save it from having killed it with a fish hook.) But that’s not the point: the point is, Cuomo is an outdoorsman. A salty, windswept fisherman! A man of the sea! Which we respect. That’s the only reason we’d even think about posting this photo. We take sports things very seriously here at Mediaite. Congratulations, Chris Cuomo, on that fish you caught above, and on that fish your friend caught below!

In the meantime, the fact that our source assumed that the picture we were using was the one on the dock is sort of adorable. There’s method to our madness, people.

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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!

Update: New photo! Wow, that’s a big fish. Congratulations for that catch go to Todd Goergen, Gotham magazine wine columnist, for actually catching the fish.  This is way more work than we usually do for a beefcake shot.


Photo credit: Captain Andy LoCasio of Power Grid-powerer SoundStrategies. He made us call him that.

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