We Didn’t See This Coming: Ricky Gervais, The Right’s Favorite Funnyman

We all knew Ricky Gervais‘ headline-grabbing turn at this year’s Golden Globes would be some kind of defining moment for the British comic. But here’s an unexpected result: Gervais has, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “scored with one demographic: political conservatives.”

In a THR story dubbed “Conservatives Rally Behind Ricky Gervais,” writer Paul Bond describes the interesting fallout from Sunday night’s celebrity mocking performance at the Globes:

Delighted at the sight of Gervais belittling Hollywood elitists who they maintain do likewise to them regularly, the right-wing blogosphere lit up with positive reviews, even while more traditional media was critical of Sunday’s telecast.

With so many comics finding comedy gold in the twittering of Sarah Palin, the sight of a comedian turning his barbs on the “Showbiz crowd” was highly enjoyable to bloggers like John Nolte of Big Hollywood:

Had Gervais “been as relentless in ripping apart Sarah Palin, her young children, Jesus Christ or George W. Bush, today the comedian would be celebrated as ‘edgy’ and ‘courageous.'”

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