‘We Have a Lot in Common’: Trump Jokes With Seemingly Confused Merkel About Obama Surveillance

During a press conference today, President Trump was asked if he regrets certain tweets, like his accusation that Barack Obama wiretapped him.

The conference was a joint event with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and it gave him the opportunity for some levity following months of disparaging her and her decision to allow so many Syrian refugees into her country.

Trump said that he “very seldom” regrets his tweets, then turned to Merkel and said that with the unproven wiretapping claim he made, maybe the two of them had something in common after all.

It took a few seconds for those in attendance to figure out the joke, but when they realized he was making a crack about Obama’s surveillance of Germany’s administration and media, they chuckled.

Watch above, via MSNBC, especially to catch his defense of the wiretapping claims, which involved Fox News.

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