The Five Criticizes Trump For Announcing Syria Withdrawal Before Troop Visit: ‘We Have Serious Problems’


The Five took President Donald Trump to task on Wednesday for the bumbling rollout of his Syria policy, which was announced abruptly last week ahead of his Christmas visit to U.S. troops deployed in Iraq.

With most of its regular hosts off for the holidays, The Five‘s guest hosts were more critical of the president than the usual lineup.

Tom Shillue asked why Trump didn’t announce his plan to withdraw all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria after visiting Iraq, instead of a week before: “Wouldn’t this have been an excellent time for him to announce his changes in Syria, after having visited Iraq?”

“Especially if he was going to say he has no plans to withdraw troops from Iraq, because those troops can be staged to deal with ISIS,” regular host Dana Perino agreed. “Then you might not have had ten days of confusion.”

“When he made the announcement to take the troops out, the reason there was confusion is because there wasn’t this explanation that he gave today,” Katie Pavlich said. “It would have been helpful at the beginning if he had said, ‘Look, we’re getting out of Syria because we have plenty of resources in Iraq to deal with the ISIS problem. We’re going to continue to fight ISIS despite taking away their territory, of course that war with the terrorist group is not done because they do exist in places like Europe and the United States.'”

“It was rocky,” Lawrence Jones said. “It seemed like the president was more concerned… with reassuring Americans that he was trying to keep a campaign promise instead of actually telling us what he planned on doing.”

“We have serious problems,” Doug Schoen added. “ISIS is not defeated, Syria is a cauldron… We have huge national security challenges in the region that we have to deal with.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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