‘We Were Mocked and Ignored’: Conway Responds To Charge That She’s Being a ‘Sore Winner’

conway-todd-sore-winnereditedDuring a discussion on Meet the Press today that included Clinton strategist Joel Benenson, Trump campaign manager and adviser Kellyanne Conway hit back at host Chuck Todd over his question about Donald Trump and his team being sore winners.

Todd first brought up Conway’s Twitter bio saying “We won,” asking if it was a drop the mic moment about Trump’s victory and wondering whether she was being a “sore winner.”

Conway turned the question around: “The idea that we’re going to talk about the popular vote answers your questions about sore losers.”

She proceeded to then claim that Trump would have won the national popular vote if he would have campaigned in New York and California.

The Meet the Press host stayed on that line of questioning and said that some are saying “that they haven’t been gracious in victory.” Conway replied with a smack on the media and its treatment of Trump.

“Every single media outlet, including this one, on good days ignored us, on regular days mocked us,”the veteran pollster explained. “That included when I told you and your colleagues there is an undercover under-counted Trump vote.”

She then repeated her comment that the media treated them unfairly.

“We were mocked and ignored,” Conway exclaimed.

Watch the clip above, via NBC News.

[image via screengrab]

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