Weekly ‘Mediaite In The Media’ Roundup: Kirell On Current TV, Rothman On Radio

In the past week, Mediaite writers Andrew Kirell and Noah Rothman have appeared on a variety of TV and radio programming: Kirell sat in for a full hour of Current TV’s The Young Turks; Rothman appeared on three radio programs, including WBAL’s The C4 Show.

Below you will find clips for each appearance:

Rothman’s appearance on WBAL Baltimore’s The C4 Show with Clarence Mitchell IV, talking about his Mediaite column on the “narcissism” of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner:

Rothman also appeared on Derek Hunter’s WBAL radio show to discuss the same column:

Earlier in the week, Rothman did a KVI Seattle hit to discuss recent polling on gun control:

On Thursday night, Kirell sat in for the full hour of Current’s The Young Turks debating global warming, gun control, the media frenzy over Jodi Arias’ murder trial, and Mountain Dew’s “racist” commercial. Below in four parts:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

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