Weekly ‘Mediaite In The Media’ Roundup: Rothman & Kirell On Current TV, Concha On CNN

In the past week, Mediaite scribes Andrew Kirell,Noah Rothman, and Joe Concha appeared on a variety of TV and radio programming: Concha sat in for a few segments of CNN’s Reliable Sources; Kirell and Rothman both did multiple segments of Current TV’s The Young Turks; and Rothman also appeared on John Gibson‘s Fox News radio show.

Below are clips from each appearance:

Concha’s Sunday morning Reliable Source segment on the Department of Justice’s obtaining of Associated Press phone records:

Rothman’s Tuesday afternoon appearance on Fox News radio, talking Benghazi:

Two of Kirell’s three segments from Thursday evening’s The Young Turks, on Obama’s promise to close Gitmo and his promise to better protect journalists from government overreach:

And two of Rothman’s segments from Tuesday evening’s The Young Turks, on the Oklahoma tornado relief and the IRS scandal:

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