Wendy Davis Takes Post-Filibuster Victory Lap, Tells Anderson Cooper ‘I’m Running On Adrenaline Today’

Texas state senator Wendy Davis captivated the nation last night with her long, long filibuster of the state’s restrictive abortion bill. Her filibuster and the outpouring of support in the state capitol helped temporarily stall the bill’s passage on a technicality (the vote occurred after midnight). Davis spoke with Anderson Cooper tonight, and opened the interview by saying “I’m running on adrenaline today” and hailing last night’s drama as a huge victory for democracy.

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Davis told Cooper she “underestimated how difficult it would be” to stand up and stay standing for over ten hours. She said she was “amazed” by how many people showed up in the state capitol, adding that when she started the gallery was already full.

Cooper brought up Governor Rick Perry‘s pledge to get the bill passed in a second special session on July 1st. Davis said the bill may end up passing then, but for the time being she and her supporters scored a victory for opponents of “big government intrusion into their personal lives and liberty.” On the question of the timestamp on the state website being changed, Davis said, “I know it was done intentionally.”

Cooper asked her if she plans to filibuster again. She acknowledged that if the Republicans are more prepared the next time around, “we won’t have an opportunity to do this again.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:


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