‘We’re Coming After You and Every Motherf***er that Stole This Election’: Disturbing Threats Against 2020 Election Officials Air in Vivid Clip


VICE posted a preview of a segment airing Tuesday night on VICE TV about election officials being threatened following the 2020 election.

“We’re coming after you and every motherf***er that stole this election with our Second Amendment,” threatened one person, according to audio played on the preview, which was almost a minute long.

Another election official recalled a threat that said that “if a vehicle were to pull up at least this would soften the blow. And when he said that, that was when I thought, ‘This is real. This is real.'”

A third election official said the first threat he got stated, “You lied. You’re a traitor. Perhaps cuts and bullets will soon arrive. RINOs stole election. We steal lives. Q.” RINO stands for “Republican in Name Only.” It is unclear from the preview what the “Q” stands for, though it could stand for QAnon, a conspiracy held by some on the Right that a pedophilic Satanic sex trafficking ring sought to undermine former President Donald Trump when he was in the White House.

Watch above, via VICE TV.

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