‘We’re Living in Cuckoo Cloudland’: Maher Slams Trump’s Narcissism, But Admits He ‘Looked Presidential’

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Bill Maher brought some Real Time to a special edition of Hardball Tuesday night. During a joint appearance with filmmaker Michael Moore, Maher offered his take on President Donald Trump’s address and the state of the administration so far.

Maher began by talking about what he termed “Teleprompter Trump,” reflecting on how the president can seemingly turn on and off his more presidential impulses. “This time he actually looked like a president,” he quipped.

Maher said the idea of a serious Trump could be more dangerous because it would normalize him to the American people. The speech “will fool a lot of people,” said Maher, who added that Trump remained as unprepared as ever. “We’re living in cuckoo cloudland … we see that he doesn’t know anything. He’s just finding out that healthcare is difficult.”

Maher then dismissed Trump’s tenure as president, saying that what little legislation there had been mostly helped large corporate interests. “I don’t know how this helps the little guy,” he said.

The comments were par for the course for Maher, who has been a longtime Trump critic on his HBO show Real Time. In the past, Maher has gone after Trump over his obsession with inaugural crowd sizes and called his potential Russian ties, the “worst political scandal in American history.”

Watch video above, via MSNBC.

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