‘We’re Number Two!’: Jay Leno Has Resumed Taking Swipes At His NBC Bosses

Jay Leno took a brief break from taking swipes at his employer — but on Wednesday he was back in form. During his monologue, the late-night host took not one, but two jabs at NBC.

Opening the show, Leno got right to it. “Monday night the primetime shows The Voice and Revolution moved NBC into the number-two position,” he informed. “You know what that means? Between Easter and Passover, this is truly the season of miracles. We’re number two! We’re number two! I’ve been saying for the last week that NBC is a big number two.”

Offering a faux congratulations he moved on to the rest of his monologue… but not without mentioning NBC once more. A bit sharper this time: “T-Mobile announced yesterday they are doing away with contracts. Apparently they got the idea from NBC.”

Leno will not go quietly into the night…

Take a look, via NBC:

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