‘Were You Lying, Mr. President?’: Brzezinski Rips Trump Over ‘Idiotic’ Claims, Postponing Wiretap Deadline

Mika Brzezinski is clearly not impressed that President Trump is asking the Justice Department for more time to find evidence that backs up his allegations that President Obama spied on his offices.

“If the president was lying, don’t you think at some point he ought to say, ‘I apologize, I am just an idiot. I will not do that again, because it was idiotic?’” Brzezinski asked.

The discussion on Morning Joe today was focused on how the Trump administration continues to face scrutiny for not producing any proof that Trump Tower was wiretapped on the orders of Trump’s predecessor. Brzezinski and her panel took note of how Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended Trump’s “ridiculous” claims yesterday, which she said was “hard to watch.”

Soon enough, Brzezinski cut right to the chase:

Were you lying, Mr. President? Did you make it up? Was it some little spurt of activity that you had out of need to have action? I’d like to know where it came from because it’s a very serious allegation.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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