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WH NatSec Adviser Denies Trump Pushed Out DNI Chief for Briefing Congress on Russian Interference

White House national security advisor Robert O’Brien denied that Joseph Maguire’s ouster as Director of National Intelligence had anything to do with his information about Russia’s ongoing efforts to interfere in America’s elections.

O’Brien gave an interview to Face The Nation on Sunday, where CBS’s Maragret Brennan asked him if he was “one hundred percent sure” Maguire’s departure was unrelated to his recent briefing before Congress. Brennan was alluding to the briefing where Maguire warned that Russia was trying to help Donald Trump get re-elected, which reportedly angered the president because of how critics would hold that against him.

“First of all, Joe Maguire wasn’t pushed out,” O’Brien answered. “He was serving under the Vacancy Act, his term I believe was ending two weeks from now.”

O’Brien went on by praising Trump’s decision to pick Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell as Maguire’s replacement while continuing to insist the former DNI chief “wasn’t pushed out.”

“Joe had a great relationship with the president, I had a great relationship with him. We have a lot of respect for Joe Maguire,” O’Brien continued. “So the premise of your question just isn’t true…I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, as does the president.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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