WH Official: ‘We All Have Frustrations’ With Mueller Probe

President Donald Trump‘s chief congressional negotiator, Marc Short, said Trump “expresses a lot of frustration” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s ongoing investigation.

The president’s tweets are evidence enough, but Short told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Sunday that Trump’s social media outrage is a sign “he’s responding to a lot of the coverage that mainstream media has played on this.”

“This president, this administration has cooperated, provided thousands of documents,” Short said. “Taxpayers spent millions of dollars on this investigation. And to date, we continue to cooperate without evidence of collusion. So yes, I think the president expresses a lot of frustration with where the special counsel investigation is.”

Short remarked that Republicans once opposed the idea of a special counsel “because they felt like they had unchartered terrain and that there was no check and balance on them,” eventually suggesting that Mueller’s investigation has become too large, provoking anxiety within the White House.

“I think that we all have frustrations that we believe that the scope has gone well beyond what was intended to be investigations into meddling in the election, and I think that the House and the Senate have had their own investigations and the House has completed those,” Short told Todd.

He also said the President has “no intention” of firing Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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