Jay Carney Mocks NPR Reporter As ‘Still Working On A Typewriter,’ Neglecting To Look Online For Info

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney let some frustration show through his typically cool veneer during Monday’s press briefing when NPR’s Mara Liasson asked whether entitlement reforms are still in President Obama’s official budget offer. “Mara, the way you phrase that question makes me think that you’re still working on a typewriter or something,” Carney responded. “It’s available online. The proposal is there.”

Also during the press briefing, NBC News’ Chuck Todd asked if “a balanced budget is the goal of the president.”

Carney explained that President Obama’s goal is larger than just a “balanced budget.” Rather, he is looking for “deficit reduction large enough to put our economy on a fiscally sustainable path.”

He added that the president has “always believed that deficit reduction is not a goal unto itself. The whole purpose of deficit reduction should be part of an overall policy objective of strengthening the economy, having it grow faster, have it create more and better jobs for the middle class. And that’s the president’s objective.”

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