WH Reporter Responds to Kellyanne Conway Asking About His Ethnicity: ‘A Little Weirder Than Normal’


Breakfast Media White House reporter Andrew Feinberg said White House counselor Kellyanne Conway questioning his ethnicity was “weirder than normal,” but “not unusual” for Trump aide who frequently avoids answering reporters questions with wild, irrelevent diversions.

“I was thinking that this is bizarre,” Feinberg said on CNN Tuesday night, hours after Conway asked him about his racial background while talking to reporters outside the White House. “I have been a journalist in Washington for about ten years and I have never had any government official speak to me that way. And or ask such an inappropriate question.”

Conway made the comment after Feinberg asked about President Donald Trump’s racist attacks against four progressive congresswomen of color, who he suggested should go back to the countries they supposedly “originally came from.” (All but one of the lawmakers Trump singled out, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who immigrated from Somalia as a child, were born in the U.S.) Feinberg said he assumed Conway “got flustered and ended up saying something she went supposed to say” after he brought up Trump’s comments.

“I have no earthly clue what either her question or the answer I could have given to that question had to do with what the president said or to what country she was referring,” Feinberg added later.

“It’s not the first time she’s asked me an irrelevant or inappropriate question in response to one of my questions. Around the fourth of July when I asked her why the RNC was handing out tickets to a supposedly non-political event. She asked if I knew why we celebrate the Fourth of July. And she’s done this before. It’s not unusual for her to do something like that. But, this time it was a little weirder than normal.”

Though, while some accused Conway of making an antisemitic attack against Feinberg, the reporter said he did not view her comments that way — which Conway thanked him for.

Watch above, via CNN.

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