WH Spox: Trump Criticized But ‘Still Loved’ US, Dem Congresswomen Decry America and Have ‘Ungrateful Attitude’


White House principal deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley defended President Donald Trump today when questioned on POTUS’ past criticisms of the United States under Barack Obama.

On Fox News’ MediaBuzz, Gidley defended Trump’s “if you don’t like this country…” comments and said he’s made similar remarks about “Hollywood elites” too.

Howard Kurtz asked about the “send her back” chants. Gidley said in response, “President is forced to denounce what someone says in an audience of thousands, but these four congresswomen don’t have to down announce what someone did an actual terrorist attack in Washington state.”

At one point, Kurtz brought up Trump’s past criticisms of the U.S., saying, “When he was a businessman he called America a laughingstock… When they criticize him and the White House and the administration, why is that hating America, why isn’t it just dissent?”

The difference, Gidley argued, is that Trump “loves the country”:

“Like many millions of Americans, we didn’t like the way Barack Obama treated the country, we didn’t like the direction he took the country in… But at its core, the president still loved America. The difference here is, they are saying not only is America evil in many instances, but it’s the cause of so much of the world’s problems. That’s way different. And I have to say, the ungrateful attitude of these congresswomen to a country that affords them opportunities where they couldn’t get them anywhere else in the world. Think about it. She [AOC] was a bartender and now is a congressman. Omar is a refugee, now a congresswoman.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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