‘What About All the Dead People?’: Jake Tapper Delivers a Stinging Rebuke of Trump Pushing for Reopening


When discussing President Donald Trump‘s reopening plan and how he could set an example to the American public, CNN’s Jake Tapper responded frankly and asked Trump, “What about all the dead people?”

The statement came after CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger detailed the White House’s protocol during the coronavirus pandemic Monday afternoon.

In the last week, Trump revealed the Vice President’s Press Secretary Katie Miller had tested positive for Covid-19. Vice President Mike Pence said through a spokesperson that he wouldn’t quarantine, only self isolate. As more White House members have tested positive, one White House staff member told The New York Times, “It is scary to go to work.”

“Lots of governors want to drag out the reopening because they want to do it in an orderly way so they don’t endanger people’s lives, but that is not the message,” Borger said. “The message is get back to normal. We have to reopen the country, and everything needs to look normal at the White House so you could know that it is normal in your community, as well.”

“OK,” Tapper responded. “But, I mean, what about all of the dead people?”

After a few seconds of silence, Borger responded, “Well, you don’t hear the president talking about that often, Jake.”

“At the beginning of this, we heard the president talk about the terrible toll this is taken in the country, for people who have gotten the virus and people who have died from virus,” Borger continued. “But you’re not hearing that a lot now.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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