What Breaking Bad Teaches Us About The War On Drugs

One of the most critically acclaimed shows in recent memory, AMC’s Breaking Bad, debuts its final half-season worth of episodes this Sunday night. While the show has become famous for its graphic, gritty portrayal of a man who transitions from unhappy chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug lord, it also depicts timeless lessons about America’s failed war on drugs.

In advance of the final half-season, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) teamed up with the anti-mass incarceration activists at Beyond Bars to create a video that neatly illustrates those Wire-like lessons anti-drug crusaders should learn (but likely never will) from the show.

Using video of the characters using meth and other drugs, committing violent acts of murder, and raking in tons of cash, the DPA and Beyond Bars highlight the show’s main revelations: The war on drugs doesn’t stop drug use; it only creates more violence and enriches drug lords.

“Want safer streets?” the video concludes. “End the failed war on drugs.”

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“We wanted to create an entertaining video for Breaking Bad fans to illustrate that the drug war is a failure when it comes to reducing drug use and fuels a vicious cycle of violence ,” said Tony Newman, director of DPA’s media relations. “The orgy of death and destruction depicted in Breaking Bad is the result of drug prohibition.”

Watch the video below. There’s lots of graphic content, so viewer discretion is obviously advised:

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