What Could Go Wrong? Alabama Deploys Prisoners To Transport Primary Ballots

“We see some of the prisoners getting ready to work!” Wolf Blitzer remarked excitedly as he turned to his colleague Dana Bash in Birmingham, Alabama, as most of America likely remarked, “prisoners?!” Yes, prisoners, who have a very special task this election night: to transport votes from the various precincts to be counted at central command. They do things a little bit differently in the South.

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Bash explained that there were, in fact, inmates from the local jail handling the ballots. They carry with them both paper ballots and memory cards, Bash notes, from different areas that use different machines. They are not, of course, prisoners considered dangerous, but imprisoned for misdemeanors and are required to do some work on the part of the state.

CNN also shows some fascinating footage from Mississippi of actual electronic votes being counted (but, alas, not by inmates).

The clip via CNN below:

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