‘What in the Hell is the Matter With This Man?!’ Biden Completely Tears Into Trump for Claiming Doctors Are Inflating Covid Numbers


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden buried President Donald Trump for claiming that doctors have been inflating the number of coronavirus cases throughout the pandemic — rhetorically asking “what in the hell is the matter with this man?!”

Biden accused Trump of claiming that the coronavirus count was not really going up — blasting him for suggesting that doctors have been inflating the numbers for money.

“What in the hell is the matter with this man?” Biden exclaimed. “A thousand doctors and nurses have given their lives trying to save lives — and he’s saying the reason that they are talking about testing is that they want to make more money. Mr. President, more than 1,000 health care workers have lost their lives fighting Covid — doctors, nurses — they’re not profiting. They’re dying.”

The former vice president then went off on Trump for saying that Americans are learning to live with the coronavirus, quipping that he’s actually asking the U.S. to learn to die with it.

Biden added that the House and Senate need to work with the president to find a way to end the crisis and noted that although it will cost billions of dollars, it’s worth it.

“We should be pouring billions of dollars into determining how we get rapid testing,” he added. “Rapid testing. So you know within hours whether or not the test is negative or positive. Many places, you have to have to wait sometimes up to six or seven days. He’s not doing what needs to be done.”

“You know, Mr. President, you have to have a little bit of shame. Just a little bit of shame because people are dying,” Biden added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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