“What Is A Democrat?” Wonders Fox News Anchor Jenna Lee

What is one way to waste two minutes of cable news?

How about asking a Democratic congressman, “What is a Democrat?” and “How is that different than a Republican?” and letting him talk about whatever he wants.

This puzzling exchange occurred today on Happening Now, between Fox News anchor Jenna Lee and Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

“I just wanted to clear something up going into the election season,” said Lee. “What is a Democrat?”

Van Hollen was caught off guard. “What is a Democrat?” he repeated, before going into a stump speech on “opportunities” and “fair chance for everybody.” “And how is that different than a Republican?” asked Lee.

Van Hollen continued – finally coming to a conclusion. “You asked me a very broad question, and I’m answering you,” he said.

So – what was the point of this exercise? “I feel like we throw around these terms, and we understand that there are divisive issues, but sometimes we don’t really understand who’s behind that,” she said. This is not a knock on Lee, still new to FNC after a few years covering the business side of the news for Fox Business Network. But there’s a Daily Show segment in here somewhere…

And coming up in the next hour – how does a bill become a law?

Here’s the interview:

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