What Is Ricin Poison? Breaking Bad‘s Walter White Explains

After news began to break last night that poison-tainted letters had been sent to members of Congress and President Obama, many people may have wondered what exactly ricin, the substance reportedly being used, was. But fans of the AMC drama series Breaking Bad know all too well what ricin is and what it’s capable of.

So, instead of listening to talking heads on cable news explain that ricin is a poison naturally derived from castor beans, let Breaking Bad‘s Walter White, AKA Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston) explain why one might use the substance, as Walter and his accomplice Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) attempted to do at the beginning of season two. Ricin pops up again in an even more dramatic way later in the series, but we can leave those spoilers aside for the uninitiated.

Watch video below, via AMC:

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