What on Earth is This Tennis Fan Doing Dunking a Chicken Finger Into Her Soda?


Emotions typically run high at major American sporting events — but the real lightning rod of the U.S. Open appears to be a woman who dunked a chicken finger into her soda.

Last weekend, ESPN caught Alexa Greenfield in the act, picking up the battered tender and submerging it in a cup of what appears to be Coke, then taking a bite.

Naturally, the internet had a meltdown over the tennis fan’s peculiar tastes, which ignited intense debate — with Barstool Sports arguing she should be jailed for her crimes against food.

New York’s Fox 5 eventually caught up with Greenfield for a phone call, asking the Long Islander to explain the pairing.

“It’s very strange. I’m a very strange eater in general,” she said, crediting her father with her unusual food preferences. “I just really liked the taste.”

She said she only realized she’d been caught on camera when a told her she saw her on TV.

“I got a text five minutes later from a friend that said, ‘I just saw you dipping a chicken finger in Coke on TV,’ and I was like, ‘Oh no,'” Greenfield recalled.

Watch the scandal above via ESPN.

[Image via screengrab]

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