What Was Harrison Ford On During His Conan Appearance Last Night?

Harrison Ford was a guest on Conan O’Brien‘s TBS show last night, to promote his new network news-based movie Morning Glory.

That was the plan, at least – the result was the first of Conan’s classic, delightfully awkward interviews since his recent move, trying to make sense of an…off Harrison Ford.

It started oddly. “I’m fine, how are you,” said Ford, while O’Brien noticed a noise in the crowd and asked “What was that?” “It’s my echo,” explained Ford.

Then there were a lot of unnecessary pausing and intense facial expressions from Ford. Right around the 5:30 mark it seems to become clear to the audience, and to O’Brien, that this interview is going to get really weird. O’Brien is talking about his “Conan blimp” and asks if the pilot Ford has ever flown a blimp. He has. “It doesn’t really…want to go anywhere,” he says. “It’s meant to be there. In your face. Or over your head.”

Then O’Brien asks how Ford would handle a Sully-like situation. Ford’s unbleeped answer: “Shit and die.”

Red Eye‘s Bill Schulz had this theory, on Twitter last night: “They don’t bleep “shit” on TBS? Either way, Harrison Ford is def drunk. Poor Conan. This is terrible.”

Or maybe stoned. “This is the most honest interview I’ve ever had in my life,” said Conan at the end. Yeah – definitely the most something. Check it out:

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