‘When You Think About A Kid Like Trayvon Martin…’ LL Cool J Defends ‘Accidental Racist’ On Tonight Show

Following Brad Paisley‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday night, LL Cool J, too, sat down with Jay Leno on Thursday and responded to the firestorm over their new song “Accidental Racist.” While the song “wasn’t perfect,” he said sought to clarify it by explaining the intentions behind it.

About the imperfect song, he noted, “You can’t fit 300 or 400 years of history into a three-, four-minute song.”

“I, in no way, would ever compare the history of the confederate flag — which, you know, when you think about the rapes, the tortures, the murder, the lynching, all of the things associated with the confederate flag — with the do-rag,” he went on to clarify. “However, when you think about a kid like Trayvon Martin, and you think about some of the things that happened in society based on clothing, when you put it in its proper context, it makes sense.”

Acknowledging systemic racism, LL Cool J went on to say that he’d “never, ever, ever suggest” we should forget slavery. Later in the segment, he said he wasn’t surprised by the reaction to the song — and, in fact, was “pleased that the dialogue is happening.”

“As long as people are having a conversation, then the art has done its job,” he asserted. “You know, America, as a whole, we need to come together. We don’t need to be talking about tearing the fabric of society apart.”

Take a look, via NBC:

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