Where Did All The Sotomayor Coverage Go? CNN Last Net Standing

cnn_7-16If you’ve been wondering why the Sonia Sotomayor hearings seem to have ended today, you probably haven’t been watching CNN.

The “Most Trusted Name in News” is the only of the big three cable news networks to devote significant time to the coverage of the hearings today, while witnesses testify for and against Sotomayor. We asked CNN why they chose to stick with the story in Day 3.

A CNN spokesperson tells Mediaite, “CNN has been airing the Judge Sotomayor hearings throughout the week because we are a news organization and we cover and report the news.”

It’s a news cred-off.

Fox says they’ve monitored the hearings, and taken it live several times throughout the day. They’re also live now with New Haven firefighter Frank Ricci testifying at the hearing, as is MSNBC. MSNBC told us pretty much the same thing – covering the big story of the day (Ricci’s testimony) and dipping in and out the rest of the morning and afternoon.

CNN’s response is interesting, especially in the context of the previous two weeks, when they were the Michael Jackson network of record.

Maybe it’s less about covering and reporting “the news,” than is it about covering and reporting “events.”


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