‘Where Did the System Break Down?’: Reporters Press Trump on Covid-19 Positives in the West Wing


When President Donald Trump opened up his Monday press briefing to questions, he was immediately confronted by reporters on the White House taking more precautions after a staffer for the vice president tested positive for the coronavirus.

Fox News’ John Roberts noted how top officials are now self-isolating and asked, “Where did the system break down to allow that happen? And what would you say to employers who look at the experience here at the White House and say, ‘Are we ready for this?'”

“I don’t think the system broke down at all,” Trump responded. “It can happen. It’s the hidden enemy. Remember that. Things happen. But the three tested negative, the one who tested positive will be fine, will be absolutely fine.”

Roberts again asked about concerns from companies after this. Trump defended the White House’s protocol and said, “Everyone coming into the president’s office gets tested. I felt no vulnerability whatsoever.”

ABC News’ Jon Karl followed up asking about the fact that the president’s staff can get tested every day and when “Americans across the country will be able to get tested every day as they go back to work in.”

The president briefly commented on how he liked Karl’s phrasing before talking up U.S. progress on testing so far.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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