Where Is The Five’s Bob Beckel?


As the token “liberal” on Fox News’ popular afternoon show The Five, Bob Beckel is not exactly beloved by a wide swath of the program’s audience. But now that he has been mysteriously missing from the round table for more than two weeks, viewers seem anxious to find out where he has been. And if he’s ever coming back.

Beckel has not appeared on The Five since Monday, February 16 and in the interim, fellow left-leaning Fox personalities Juan Williams and Julie Roginsky have been filling in for him.

This means that every day for the last two weeks at 5 p.m. some variation of this happens on Twitter:

And that’s just from today.

According to a Fox News spokesperson, Beckel has been out receiving and recovering from back surgery. But our reliable sources at Fox suggested to us that there is more to the story. We’ll see.

UPDATE — Mar. 4, 5:40 p.m. ET: Beckel has confirmed Fox’s version of the story on Twitter:

[Photo via Fox News]

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