‘Where’s Hoda?!’ Shep Smith Gets Hilariously Distracted by Dana Perino’s Facebook Page

Seriously, who doesn’t love Shepard Smith? The eccentric Fox newsman reported on changes to Facebook this week, but he ended up getting too distracted by pictures on Dana Perino‘s Facebook page. Yep. That happened.

Smith tried to explain the new policy that will automatically play videos on people’s Facebook feeds on mobile platforms (though hearing the audio is optional), but instead he got distracted by a picture Perino posted of a dog in the snow. And then, because of reasons (probably boredom), he flipped to another of Perino’s Facebook photos, and noticed Kathie Lee Gifford was in it.

Smith tried to go back to the report, only to turn and say, “Why is Kathie Lee there? Where’s Hoda? Where’s the champagne?”

He basically kept going on this for the entire segment, talking about how much he likes Hoda Kotb, and even compared Facebook to Rob Ford‘s crack.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[photo via screengrab]

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