‘Which Side Are You On?!’: Anti-War Protestors Chant, Blow Horns to Disrupt Dem Senator’s Speech

Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin was interrupted for several minutes by protestors voicing their opposition to potential U.S. military action in Syria and to her lack of official stance on the proposed intervention.

Baldwin was speaking at the Alliant Energy Center this Saturday during the Fighting Bob Fest, an annual gathering of progressives in Madison, Wisc. As she explained her hesitance to take an official stance on intervening in Syria’s civil war, the crowd erupted into a series of chants.

“Just say no!” several attendees shouted as she relayed her vague stance on the topic. “The gravity of the issues before us are so significant, and they deserve a full debate,” she told the crowd, prompting further disruptions including a brief horn blowing.

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“Stand up if you’re opposed to this war!” one man shouted, cueing a majority of the audience to rise out of their seats together. The crowd chanted “Which Side Are You On?” a left-wing protest song with lyrics modified to fit the current Syrian conflict.

Baldwin attempted to infuse the situation with humor, joking to the crowd that she has now heard their voices “in three-part harmony.”

Watch below, via YouTube:

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