While Ridiculing Cain Bill Maher Admits: ‘I Think Romney Could Totally Beat Obama’

In the midst of piling on Herman Cain‘s presidential aspirations, Bill Maher admitted on his show tonight that if any Republican were to beat President Obama in 2012, he would rather see Mitt Romney in the White House than his more conservative opponents.

Regarding Cain’s surge in Republican polls, Maher posited that the former CEO’s popularity is due to the fact that he does not speak like a typical politician and has done his best to reach out to the conservative audience. Congressman Darrell Issa quipped, “I’m not from an organized party, I’m a Republican” before giving a pseudo-defense of Cain’s campaign and reaffirming his support for Mitt Romney.

Issa explained he waited until the Republican field was set before settling on Romney as his candidate of choice, and Maher admitted that of all the candidates running to challenge Obama, he would prefer to see Romney take the mantle.

“I’m for him too, as far as Republicans go. Because at least he eats with a knife and fork, as opposed to the other people in that field. No, seriously, if somebody’s going to beat Obama, I want it to be Rick Perry… I mean, I want it to be Mitt Romney.”

Former New York Governor David Paterson doubted Romney would be able to beat President Obama next year, but Maher insisted that Romney could “totally beat Obama.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

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