While World Focuses on Trump Russia Disclosure, Fox & Friends and Ken Starr Discuss Vince Foster’s Death


As the media reckons with the Washington Post report alleging President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian officials, Fox & Friends was busy discussing the death of Vince Foster.

It was during a segment discussing the death of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer shot and killed last year in Washington D.C. in what police believe to be a botched robbery. Rich’s death has been the subject of much scrutiny from right-wing conspiracy theorists who believe the Clintons had the staffer killed.

Ken Starr — long-time investigator of the Clintons and disgraced ex-president of Baylor University — joined Fox & Friends to give his opinion of the Rich murder.

When asked about his investigations into the Clinton’s in the 1990s, Starr mentioned Foster, who was the subject of similar right-wing conspiracy theories — some even pushed by Trump — claiming he too was killed by the Clintons:

“There was a connection directly going back to the death of Vincent Foster — believe it or not — and Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky. It was all one big unhappy family.”

Foster’s death was ruled a suicide, the result of long-term depression. Starr conducted an extensive, three-year investigation into the death in the 1990s, and determined it was indeed a suicide, undermining conspiracy theories.

Rich’s death received renewed attention Monday in the wake of a Fox News report that the private investigator hired by the slain staffer’s family found contacts between Rich and Wikileaks.

On right-wing news websites Tuesday, the Rich story eclipsed the Post report on Trump, which received little coverage. Rod Wheeler, the private investigator working on Rich’s case, is also a Fox News contributor with a penchant for conspiracy.

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