While You Were Sleeping: Casey Anthony Is Out On The Loose!

The long national nightmare may be just beginning. The most hated woman in America, former Orlando mother acquitted of murder Casey Anthony, is officially a free woman, after Orlando officials released her into an unmarked car beside an angry crowd. She will not be returning to her native habitat, but to an undisclosed location to which she was flown with attorney Jose Baez by her side.

Anthony walked out of the prison and into a car early yesterday morning, greeted by a crowd of onlookers– mostly hostile, though sprinkled with some marriage proposals. It is not known where she was driven or flown to, though speculation has been rampant, though she does have some money– almost $500, thanks to the donations of several admirers. Reuters reported that some in the crowd had been waiting since 3 PM outside the jail for Anthony’s midnight release.

The footage of Anthony simply walking out of a jail will be chilling to those who consider the verdict in her trial a grave injustice, though, removed from context, is rather uneventful. Watch the raw video via Fox 29 Philadelphia below:

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