‘White Americans Despise This Crew’: O’Reilly Confronts NAACP Official on Black Lives Matter

bill sheltonIf his intro calling them a “hate America” group wasn’t enough indication, Bill O’Reilly was clearly teed off at Black Lives Matter tonight and got very confrontational with an NAACP official over the group’s tactics.

O’Reilly told NAACP Washington bureau director Hilary Shelton that if black people want to bring the country together, they need to distance themselves from Black Lives Matter. Shelton objected and said the movement on the whole is mostly peaceful. O’Reilly took issue with that and pointed to how rowdy Oakland protesters got last night.

He said “there are very few white Americans who respect Black Lives Matter just because of what they did last night in Oakland,” and made it clear to Shelton that (in his view) “white Americans despise this crew, and if black Americans don’t understand that, we’re gonna grow further apart.”

Shelton insisted that O’Reilly’s exaggerating and pointed to how peaceful things were in Dallas before the shooting.

O’Reilly retorted that the protest in Dallas was not a Black Lives Matter protest, but Shelton insisted it was. (Many news reports have classified it as a Black Lives Matter protest.)

Watch above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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