White House Adviser Pam Bondi Shoots Down Trump on Impeachment: ‘No One Would Advise Him to Testify’

President Donald Trump said this week that he was open to the possibility of giving testimony for the impeachment inquiry into his Ukraine scandal, but one of his advisers just swatted down that idea.

Pam Bondi, the former Florida Attorney General-turned-White House impeachment adviser, gave an interview to CBS This Morning where she was asked if Trump is actually going to testify after tweeting on Monday “I like the idea.”

Bondi’s answer:

“I know why he wants to testify. Of course he wants to testify because he did nothing wrong. But do I think it’s likely he’s going to testify? Probably not, because no one would advise him to testify because this is a sham court. It really is.”

Bondi went on to say “the president should not testify. I know exactly why he wants to, though, but no human being should have to come in and prove their innocence, ever.” When asked if the problem was Trump giving a statement under oath, Bondi continued to rail against the impeachment “sham” while insisting the president would “love” to testify.

Bondi also repeatedly referred to Gordon Sondland as the ambassador to Ukraine in the interview. He is the ambassador to the EU.

Watch above, via CBS.

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