White House Economic Adviser Stephen Moore Claims Trump Will Lose Election Unless He Cuts Emergency Coronavirus Support to Workers


White House economic adviser Stephen Moore claimed on Fox Business, Monday that President Donald Trump will have “no chance” of getting reelected if the government continues to financially support affected workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“If Trump gets this right, he has a very strong chance of getting reelected. If he gets it wrong, he has no chance of getting reelected,” claimed Moore on Varney & Co., before explaining, “why this is so important.”

“Let’s take the two big competing proposals. Trump wants payroll tax suspension, as do I, as does Larry Kudlow, as does Steve Forbes, as does Art Laffer, and we are showing that this will create several million new jobs,” said Moore. “Millions of jobs would be created by suspending the payroll tax for the rest of the year. Now, the competing plan is what Pelosi has in her bill, which would be to extend those unemployment benefits, which pay people more money for not working than working. She wants to extend that through January of 2021.”

“Donald Trump, if you agree to that, there is no way you are going to be re-elected because that plan would destroy eight to ten million jobs because people would not go back to work,” Moore declared.

Moore went on, “Guess what the American people want, Stuart? If you ask people, ‘What would you rather have? A payroll tax cut so you and I and everybody watching this show gets a 7.5 percent raise in their paycheck starting on, say, July 15th, or the Pelosi plan which spends hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars, sends that money to governors and mayors.’ It’s not even close.”

The economic adviser concluded, “I think he can win this if he sticks to his gun, but Stuart, if he agrees to any extension of those unemployment benefits, he is going to lose because you are not going to have a recovery. There’s no recovery with the unemployment benefits extended. People will not go back to work.”

Watch above via Fox Business.

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