White House Official: ‘Dangerous’ to Consider Tomorrow the New Obamacare Deadline

On Monday, Assistant to the President and Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell Reports fill-in anchor Kristen Welker to discuss the White House’s latest delay of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to purchase insurance. On Monday, the administration delayed the deadline to purchase insurance in order to receive coverage by January 1 from December 23 to December 24. Palmieri said, however, that it would be “dangerous” to consider the deadline to be moved to Christmas Eve.

“Are you concerned this adds to the perception that this law — that you’re changing it as you go along and that it’s not ready for prime time?” Welker asked.

“No,” Palmieri replied. “We’re just trying to make sure everyone who wants to get enrolled to be covered by January 1 is able to do that.”

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She added that has experienced “record amounts of traffic” on Monday and that they are attempting to “add a cushion on the backend” so that users who cannot be accommodated by the website have the chance to enroll in insurance.

“But,” she continued, “people should not think they can get on the website tomorrow for the first time and try to enroll.

“That would be a dangerous thing to do,” Palmieri conclude. “People should really be doing this today.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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