White House Official Gets in Physical Altercation With Autistic Redskins Fan

RedskinsAn autistic Native American man accused a White House official of physically assaulting him Wednesday over his Washington Redskins jersey.

Oklahoma college student Barrett Dahl and White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education director William Mendoza both agree that a fight occurred, but disagree about who started it. Dahl told local CBS affiliate KWTV that Mendoza confronted him at a D.C. powwow over his Redskins jersey, calling him a “weetard” and spitting on him.

Mendoza agrees he spoke to Dahl about the jersey, but says it was Dahl who took it to the next level. “I don’t have to (expletive) explain (expletive) to you. If you want to step outside and take this outside, I’d be happy to explain it to you,” Dahl supposedly said, according to Mendoza’s attorney.

The two also disagree about what the back of the jersey said: Dahl says it read “Injun player,” while Mendoza says it read “Injun pimp.” Either way, a physical confrontation soon occurred with both sustaining injuries. Both men are threatening lawsuits against the other.

Ironically, the Obama White House is also the first administration to appoint an autistic man to a key post.

Watch above, via KWTV.

[Image via screengrab]
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